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We use Sabore Skincare range at Altering Images Beauty Therapy Clinic. Sabore is a new type of skincare that harnesses the power of synergistic, active botanicals into revolutionary blends for a simple anti-aging and daily healing regimen. Saboré utilises the latest technology in botanical actives and has created a collection that celebrates complexity in formulation, [...]

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Tip 1 Use Sunblock


TIP 1 I am always reminding my clients at this time of the year to SUNBLOCK SUNBLOCK SUNBLOCK. Just some advice, look for sunscreens containing zinc or titanium dioxide these provide a physical block, not a chemical block and so are much more effective.  That's why often babies and children's sunscreens contain either zinc and [...]

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Tip 2 Clean your brushes and sponges


Many of us apply our makeup with brushes and sponges, but when was the last time you washed them? Honestly, if you knew what bacteria grew in your makeup applicators  - yuk. So take 5 minutes and wash them in just ordinary hand soap and leave to dry naturally, just make sure you have smoothed [...]

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Tip 3 How important is removing your make up


For a lot of us, we take pride and a lot of time each day applying our makeup, but we seem to think it's ok to go to bed at the end of the day, with it all still in place on our delicate skin. Without regular makeup removal, you'll start to find you'll get [...]

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Tip 4 Drink Water


When talking to my clients I ask about their water intake and explain to them how to make their water intake work best for their body. My suggestion is sipping rather than gulping down a glass quickly. My analogy is, if you slowly water a plant the soil absorbs the water; but if it's done [...]

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